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Zangarelli Workshop – day 3

Roberto had a black and white picture featuring several tall buildings in front of a river with some boats closely packed together. We sketched, and then Roberto painted in stages, very effectively.

Roberto’s sketch, then a light-toned sky, and furthest to the right, a first layer on the buildings.
This is my result after two days of painting with Roberto Zangarelli. I am very pleased with this watercolor, and Roberto received it from me because he also liked it very much (I also got one from him).

After lunch, Roberto painted portraits with a warm and a cold side. It was a good exercise. Roberto also held a lottery for the watercolor he made, and Margaretha won it.

Roberto Zangarelli and Margaretha Gadnell, two skilled watercolor painters with Roberto’s portrait.
Here, I am instructing Roberto Zangarelli on how to use the palette when painting with watercolors :-).

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