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Gadnell Watercolors

Akvarell Gadnell

My main interest has always been drawing and painting. When I was a kid my father bought a Super8 camera and I made animated films, both with puppets and drawings. A cartoon was “Linkan” who went fishing. I remember the lure dangled at the rod tip when Linkan wandered toward the lake in the short film. After several hundreds of drawings I got tired and the film ended abruptly with a big fish eating the happy fisherman.

Petersenska Huset, Old Town, Stockholm

ABF Art School was my first art school. After that I studied Art Teaching since it fitted well with my interests. I worked as an Art Teacher in Linköping and Uppsala. 

After many years teaching it was time for something completely different. 2010, me and my wife Margaretha started a guesthouse in Malta, we called the place “Blå Dörren” (The Blue Door). In Malta, I also taught drawing and watercolor. It was many  nice years, but now we have moved to Algarve doing the winter and I work as a full-time watercolor artist. I also hold workshops in watercolor, mostly in Stockholm, but also in Albufeira, Portugal. 

When I’m in Algarve I paint nature and cityscapes from Algarve. In the summer, when I’m in Sweden I paint mostly Swedish cityscapes. I try to simplify as much as possible in my paintings. My watercolors should be light and airy, so you can see every brush stroke I made. Hope you like my watercolors as much as I like to paint them?

“The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets.”  

-John Lennon

Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Marc Folly and Roberto Zangarelli are some of my favourites doing watercolor, I think they are incredibly talented and inspiring.
Browse happily around my site and look at my drawings and watercolors.

You are of course welcome to visit my exhibitions. I usually keep at least twice exhibitions a year.

/Stefan Gadnell
Watercolor Artist

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Kolskiss av Margaretha Gadnell
Charcoal sketch by Margaretha Gadnell

Watercolor requires you to accept and be able to live with your mistakes
….all that is needed are confident brushstrokes.

Stefan Gadnell