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    Zangarelli Workshop – day 3

    Roberto had a black and white picture featuring several tall buildings in front of a river with some boats closely packed together. We sketched, and then Roberto painted in stages, very effectively. After lunch, Roberto painted portraits with a warm and a cold side. It was a good exercise. Roberto also held a lottery for the watercolor he made, and Margaretha won it.

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    Zangarelli Workshop – day 2

    Today was more challenging. Roberto demonstrated a picture from Venice with two boats and a bridge with small people. He divided everything up, first we all sketched, and then Roberto applied the first layer, thinly on the buildings in the background so that we would do the same afterward. The painting was divided into sections, which meant that everyone finished roughly at the same time. In the same manner, he did with the picture of the boats that we painted after lunch. Time flew, and towards the end, he said we only had “3 minutes,” half-jokingly. Next day – day three

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    Roberto Zangarelli in Cascais-day 1

    In February 2024, we participated in an exciting workshop with Roberto Zangarelli in Cascais, Portugal. Roberto Zangarelli is a distinguished Italian watercolor artist and graphic illustrator from Rome, born in 1970. He has a distinct vision for watercolor painting based on three fundamental principles: atmosphere (representing the painting’s story), magic (stimulating curiosity), and risk (forcing the gesture). Zangarelli’s work has been exhibited in both Italian and international galleries, and he has collaborated with a range of art magazines. He has also illustrated covers for books on painting, worked with companies that produce watercolor paper, and launched his own set of brushes. Through his teaching in watercolor at the Association Aquarelle…