Sometimes when you start StonePacker it could be hard to move. That is when the app is connecting to the iAd. Please wait a short while and the tiles are easy to move again.

With version 2.2 you have to triple tap to get the menu.

You can UNDO LAST MOVE in version 2.2. So if you happen to touch the wrong stone you can undo that move.
Many users would like a save option. With version 2.2 every level is automatically saved. You can continue a level whenever you want.
Some Beta-testers had complain about hitting the stones when StonePacking with small stones. The problem is that the area that the fingers touches the screen is sometimes bigger then the stone itself. I think it is a training issue. Play more and you will get it right.

If you have cleared a level and hit one of the stones to play again, you are playing the same level. Please choose which level you want to play using the arrows.

Some players missed that you can move the stones when they have landed. It’s important that you don’t have to wait until all the stones have fall down.

Please send an e-mail with suggestion of stuff to fill new levels with. What about bombs or destroy a connected row?