StonePacker Pro version 2.2

Big update!

  • If you TRIPLE tap when your in a level you will get a menu with new options. You can choose to undo last move.
  • You can resume level, restart and exit level.
  • One great new thing is that all levels are automatically saved. That means that you can have different on going games at the same time. You can get back to a level whenever you want. Very nice.

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Teazle is a internet game concept made by Aniware AB and was first released in 1996 on the pc platform. The game consists of a 5 x 5 tile gameboard. Each tile represents a mini game. To win the game you have to get a line (vertical, horizontal or diagonally) where you have the best results in all those five games. Among the mini games there are some famous ones like Snake, Lunar Lander, Arkanoid and Rubiks Cube. There are also many maze to manage and different tracks to drive with many different vehicles. StonePacker was my favorite and still is. Therefor I’m pleased to present StonePacker as  a standalone game for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms. Maybe this is a start for making Teazle for mobiles?

What is StonePacker?

After that short debrief about Teazle you probably wonder about StonePacker. The game is easy to play. Stones (with a strange metal look) are falling from above. They have different sizes. Some are just squared, some are rectangles. You can move the stones to left and right after they have landed. On the easiest levels the stones come in waves, in the more difficult levels the stones almost fall all at ones. Try to move the stones so there will be as few gaps as possible. Sound easy, yes, sometimes it is, but the magic with StonePacker is that is so fun to play, to move, to pack the stones. There are two versions on the market, one called StonePacker with two levels and medium board sizes. The other version is called StonePacker Pro and has 3 different stone/board sizes and 100 levels.

StonePacker Classic

Some players like the first version we made for a year ago. This version have no obstcales at all. It have 100 levels and on each level you can choose board size. On the higher levels the stones comes more rapidly which make it harder to fixed the goal, to have no gaps at all. Here it is: StonePacker Classic

StonePacker (free)

In September 2011 a new version of StonePacker has been releases. The new thing is the fixed stones. Stones that you can’t move. Some says it makes it easier and some say it makes it harder. That we can agree on is that it is more variety. This free version has 5 levels and it support Game Center so that you can compete with others. Here is is: StonePacker

StonePacker Pro

This is a StonePacker for the StonePacker Professional. It has 100 levels 97 of them has obstacles that makes it nerarly impossible to get zero gaps. You can also check out if anybody did manage zero gaps in that hard level as it supports Game Center. Here it is: StonePacker Pro

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