Appar & Spel

Brutal Labyrinth is an unique labyrinth. With brutal force, fire and explosions, your mission is to guide the ball to the final destination. The obstacles on the way differs on each level. Brutal Labyrinth works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.   Visit Brutal Labyrinth


 With My Taximeter you can easily keep track of the real costs when using your car. What is the cost compared to taking the bus? Is it really less expensive to drive to a distant low cost mall instead of walking to a nearby store? With My Taximeter you can easily see what your car costs, all while driving. Visit My Taximeter web site.


Fun game with a mummy  trapped in a large pyramid. Lost Mummy features hours of gameplay, lots of replay value. Each of the 36 levels requires logic skill, and brute force to clear the way.  Visit Lost Mummy


StonePacker for iPhone, iPad and Android is easy to play. Stones (with a strange metal look) are falling from above. They havedifferent sizes. Some are just squared, some are rectangles. You can move the stones to left and right after they have landed. try to pack the stone as tight as possible. To clear a level you have to leave no gaps at all. Easy you think, try! Visit StonePacker.

Blockis is both a simple and in the same time avery advanced block falling game, like Tetris is. Blockis has only three types of blocks, one square, one double square and a triple square, compare to Tetris which has seven different shapes. They blocks come in landscape and portrait orientations. So simple and still so hard to play. You can’t rotate the blocks like you can in Tetris, and you can’t move them until they have fall to the bottom. You can only move them sideways, by dragging them with your fingertip. Read and see more at


Brutal Frogs is our newest game title. Throw frogs at the dumb birds that have eating frogs for thousands of years. There are four frogs that are fighting, Mad Frog, Tongue Frog, Parachute Frog and Lady Frog.

Visit Brutal Frogs web site.

iconSmart Scroll is a brain teaser IQ puzzle. You will need all your brain cells to figure out all +200 levels. Smart Scroll works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Read more about Teazle at:


Pronk is really a brain teaser. A bit like Tetris but here you have to pack them on all sides, sounds like a bad copy but it’s not, it’s great to play. Try it, it’s free. Visit the Pronk homesite for sreenshots, video and more info.


In Wolves and Wool your mission is to kill the wolves without harming the lambs.You do this by shooting in the right direction (but to the left in the game), trigger the parachute at the right moment and then trigger the package near the wolves. Visit Wolves and Wool web site.



Unstone Me is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the little stone marked “Unstone Me” out of the board by sliding the other stones out of the way.

Unstone Me comes with 55 levels, from easy to very hard. Visit Unstone Me


teazle_words_iconTeazle Words is an advanced word puzzle board game for multiple players. Up to four participants can play via Internet. You can also enjoy playing a local game with friends or computer players. The game starts with 25 tiles in front of you. Each tile represents one mini-game, a word puzzle. Tap one of the tiles to start that mini-game. Build a word on the upper row and try to get as high score as you can. Your goal is to own 5 tiles in a row. Take a try at


Belts is mechanical labyrinth. It’s a belts that turns around and you have to keep your ball at the top. Do not fall off. When you manage one revolution the speed increases, but that’s alright, you have already manage one revolution. What do you think happens after the second revolution? Correct, the speed increases even more. The fourth revolution? The speed increases even more and now it’s very difficult to keep the ball on the belt. Try it! Visit Belts

Quiz15 is an entertaining game for 2-5 players. Knowledge is one advantage, however, it is equally important to have quick reactions.
Visit Quiz15


Monkey Swing is an exciting adventure game with unique gameplay. Touch and hold your finger on a branch to have your monkey throw a liane and swing his way past chasing birds and thorny branches.


iJuggler is an exciting arcade game with fast-paced gameplay. Move your unicycling bear around the stage to keep as many objects in the air as possible.



t1Teazle was an internet game we made 1997. Known as the best internet game ever. Maybe that is to much but it was really fun making and playing. Maybe we come up with an mobile version next year.


bp1Backpacker is a quiz game about travelling around the world. The objective is to travel around the world as fast as possible or to visit as many cities as possible.


bp2Backpacker2 is a sequel Backpacker. The game is still about travelling around the world, but it also offers many new features.