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New! Game Center Support

The new version supports game center. Now you really try to do the levels as fast as possible and see if there are someone that is faster.

Brutal Labyrinth is an unique labyrinth. With brutal force, fire and explosions, your mission is to guide the ball to the final destination. The obstacles on the way differs on every level.

Brutal Labyrinth features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based labyrinth demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 42 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to find the way.

The ball is a bomb, a suicide ball, with a fuse. When the fuze is lit, the ball will explode in seconds. Then it’s up to you to be at the right place. You control the ball by tilting the iPhone. You can calibrate he game for a suitable playing position.


42 gorgeous looking Levels

Game Center Support, compete with your friends
Great music and sound effect
Realistic Physics
Calibrate and play the way you hold your device


Brutal take on ball/labyrinth theme. Great style, fierce difficulty. Arcadelife

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