Brutal Frogs – Killing the Birds

Here is the story. The brutal frogs are a lot like the angry birds! Both are bent on revenge, the difference is the frogs have decided to exact their revenge on the angry birds. Evolution stacked the odds in favor of the angry birds but as we all know the evolutionary cycle has its perks and these frogs have evolved into very efficient bird hunters… In this action packed IOS game you will take the side of the frogs and wreak havoc, mayhem and destruction on the angry birds habitats destroying as many birds as possible along the way. The day of the frog has arrived!

The Angry Frog will explode when you tap the screen, it’s up to you to have him close the birds.



The Parachute Frog releases his parachute when you tap the screen. Then he can slowly getting close to the birds and waiting for your command to explode.



The Lady Frog, places a bomb carpet over the birds nest, very impressive.



The Tongue Frog has a long tongue that he use as a lasso to swing close the dumb birds. Just tap and he shoot out his tongue and swing around.




The birds are hiding in there nests made of wood, stone and steel. To complete a level you have to get rid of all birds in the scene. It is not easy. Brutal Frogs consists of three environments with 15 scenes in each.

Have fun with the Brutal Frogs.




Reviewed at SlapApp

Great app – ★★★★★

by WendyKingston - Version 1.0 – Apr 2, 2012

A really cool shooting app that is a cut above the rest. Nice to see a well built physics game that requires some skill to master. Responsive controls & good graphics. If u like physics shooters that require some skill, this is a winner. Can’t put this one down.

Tough frogs – ★★★★★

by Fungad - Version 1.0 – Mar 30, 2012

Very nice. A bit hard but when you manage to control the frogs it becomes very fun.


Adoreiiiii podem baixar que eh bem divertido!!!! – ★★★★★

by ReginaSamult - Version 1.0 – Apr 5, 2012

Parabéns!!!! Jogo muito bommmmm!!! is your best friend for getting the best free apps